Creative skin research in space under the conditions of weightlessness

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In human-physiological experiments with astronauts on the international space station ISS, Eurofins Derma Tronnier investigates which changes to the skin occur during long-term missions under the conditions of weightlessness.


The European Space Agency (ESA) is responsible for the transport to ISS, the astronauts’ training and the operation in the Columbus module. This project of DermaTronnier is supported by the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology, DLR space travel management

Measurements on the ISS

During the astronauts’ stay at the space station ISS, the skin-physiological parameters skin moisture, moisture level, barrier function, and skin surface structure are measures at different times. In addition to this, non-invasive measurements of the microcirculation, skin elasticity, and the ultra-structure of the skin are carried out prior to and after the space flight.

The equipment used at the space station are commercially available devices (Courage & Khazaka electronic GmbH), which were rebuilt by Kayser-Threde GmbH on behalf of the DLR space travel management.

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