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Eurofins Derma Tronnier conducts trials of new methods for the in vitro determination of the sun protection factor. The objective is to develop reliable and precise methods and processes which can be used world-wide by establishing norms and standardisation.


By absorption and/or scattering, sun protection products decrease the erythema-effective irradiation on the skin, which can lead to sunburn. Their protective effect against erythema is characterized by the SPF (Sun Protection Factor). At present, the SPF is determined experimentally in vivo on a group of test persons by means of a prescribed test method in accordance with ISO 24444.

From an ethical point of view, the in vivo method is problematic as as the test persons’ skin is subjected to irradiation which goes beyond the erythema threshold. Thus, there is a compelling need for an in vitro test method which does not need any test persons. We have made initial basic examinations on this in our institute and an in cooperation with the DIN we are currently working on a standardized method for the in vitro determination of the SPF of sun protection substances.

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