Measuring hair status and hair density

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Test ProceduresEfficacy

In order to carry out a non-invasive examination of hair density and hair root status, the TrichoScale®  method is used. In particular, the number of telogen hairs, the telogen rare (%), the number of anagen hairs, the anagen rate (%), the anagen/telogen ratio, the number of terminal and vellus hairs, and hair density (number of hairs/cm2)are calculated by the computer program. 

The test field is identified and the hair is clipped evenly to a length of 0,5 mm in a measuring field of 0,903 cm2 by means of a mini hair trimmer. Images are taken at a 20fold magnification in order to evaluate the evenness of the clipped measurement area.

After three days, the test persons present themselves at the institute again so that the hair growth can be documented. To do this, the hair in the shaved area are dyed black and then photographed with the microscope camera. The measuring area remains the same over the complete course of the study and three photos are taken at each measuring.

The photos are analysed by either using the TrichoScale® Software or it is done manually.
The TrichoScale® Software determines the proportion of hairs which grew in the measuring field within three days to determine the ration of growing anagen hairs compared to telogen hairs which do not grow.

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