Measuring the skin grease content (Seborrhoe)

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Test ProceduresEfficacy

Various factors are responsible for the development of impure skin. One cause is the increased production of sebum, the so-called seborrhoe.
Minimal skin impurities, such as acne vulgaris, can be treated cosmetic products by the individual. The efficacy of these products can be proven by respective studies, e.g. the decrease of sebum secretion by measuring the skin fat content (Sebumetry) The measurement is based on the grease-spot photometry. Depending on the amount of sebum, the matt ribbon in the sebumeter tape becomes more translucent when it comes into contact with the skin surface.

The efficacy of anti-bacterial cosmetic products

Another important factor in the context of skin with a tendency to acne is the increased proliferation of propionibacterium acnes in the pilosebacious follicles.
The efficacy of anti-bacterial cosmetic products can be documented by means of a Visiopor camera.

Skin texture

In addition the skin texture can be recorded photographically.

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