Measuring the structure of the skin surface with the Visioscan-Camera

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Recording the skin surface structure is of vital significance for the evaluation of numerous cosmetic applications. By means of the VisioScan® VC98, a high-resolution UV-A camera, high-resolution, non-glossy pictures of the skin surface are taken. The analysis of the images is done with the SELS-Software (Surface Evaluation of the Living Skin), which was developed by our institute. The pictures are analysed with regard to the parameters skin roughness, scaling, wrinkling, and volume.


Besides other well-known and established methods, such as the SELS-Method (Surface Evaluation of Living Skin, Visioscan®), the structured light projection measuring technology (SLP) has been used successfully for some years.
PRIMOS compact ® (Phaseshift Rapid In vivo Measurement of Skin) enables a very fast and non-contact scanning of the skin areas to be measured.

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